Our Inbound radar this week

Our Inbound Radar This week

]Search Engine Optimization

1. Google’s latest test now reveals hotel reviews grouped by traveler type and categories

World’s favorite search engine is now trying out different ways to display customized content. A new test conducted by Google displays hotel reviews categorized by travelers type and services they wish to choose.

2. Google’s new experiment to find better jobs

In search of a job? Google’s newest test – ‘jobs search engine’ may be your guide to the best vacancies. This one is designed to help job searchers land on best openings available around the desired area.

3. Google Pilot Shopping Ads now to appear first on fashion and home design sites

Google has been steadily increasing distribution of Shopping ads, and with this measure it allows brands to expand the reach of their Shopping Campaigns beyond the Google Search Network.

4. Bing now shares the backstory of its home page pictures or past pictures

Along with a summary, it allows you to add a map of where the photo was clicked. In addition, it allows you to download and share the image as well

Social Media

1. Now you can emote your Facebook comments too!

Thanks to the latest update, Facebook now allows it’s users to comment using Facebook reactions, which was previously limited to its news feed alone! No matter how well you like these reactions, we love the colorful feed on our walls.

2. You will love Facebook’s take on copyright violations!

Did someone repost your Facebook video? You can now take their ad revenue! You heard us right. Facebook Rights Manager now provides options for copyright owners to deal with offenders including taking some of their ad revenue!

3. A new upgrade to Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixels get an upgrade to track actions & page data which will now pass a page’s click data and metadata back to Facebook.

4. Snapchat on its way to beautify your home screen

Snapchat’s newest 10.4 beta update allows you to add your friend’s pictures to your home screen if they have a bitmoji. This feature allows you to send images directly to your friends and have a quick chat with them.

Content Marketing

1. An important metric to track Brand awareness

Are you only focussing on brand awareness or are you creating the right type of content for your customers? Social media reach, brand and mentions, and branded searches will help you track the impact of your content.

2. Keywords for successful influencer marketing

Aspiration, empowerment, and unity are the three key elements for successful marketing. How? Identify and fulfill aspirations – After you know what your prospect aspires for empowering them – Work together as a unit.


1. It’s the season of pastels!

Pastels made a huge comeback in 2017 and the world is thoroughly rejoicing it. Pastel colors well-blended with asymmetric patterns are a thing now. (Feeling nostalgic anyone?) These colors are mild and give a pleasant outlook to the entire screen.

2. Be Bold

Bold typography reflects space in the design and taps a hint of drama into your canvas. Contemporary designs crave simple yet elegant typeface which can be achieved with increased font size and bolder stroke of your font. Do your designs include text? Now you know what to do.

3. Thinner Icons

While we suggested bolder typography earlier, we now recommend thinner icons that reflect symbolism and convey precise information. 2017 is all about minimalism and abstract designs with thin lines are trending currently.

4. Neon Gradients

Call them shady or goth, we just can’t get over the neon gradients that began trending in 2016. (Remember Instagram Logo makeover?) Gradients add depth to a flat design and can bring in an adequate aesthetic sense to the pages.

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