The 10 Best ABM Tools To Fuel Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy

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Account-based marketing is a rage these days. Be it the smaller organization or the industry giants, everyone is talking and trying to implement the strategy for targeted growth. However, choosing the right tool for getting started with ABM is a big challenge in itself. 

Should you switch to an entirely new account-based marketing platform, or integrate one with the existing tools in your MarTech stack? Which one is best suited to your needs and budget? How do you choose one when you have hundreds of tools offering competitive features? 

Well, switching to account-based marketing isn’t easy. But what’s tougher is choosing the right tool to integrate into your inbound marketing strategy. That’s why we decided to dig in a little and find out the best ABM tools being used by companies of different sizes and in different industries. 

Ten ABM tools for your inbound marketing strategy

Whether you are a B2B marketer, an eCommerce merchant, or even someone who works with an agency providing inbound marketing services, here are ten ABM tools that you can choose from:

1. Engagio

A great tool for B2B marketers, Engagio helps search, engage, and convert the most engaged accounts. It’s a comprehensive tool that helps you create lead-based marketing strategies, run orchestrated programs, as well as keep complete track of your project performance. With Engagio you can, with ease and in minutes, get a full picture of accounts that are highly engaged, and run targeted campaigns for these accounts to convert them. 

But what’s best is how you can track the performance of your inbound marketing strategy for different accounts on a single dashboard! 

2. Triblio

Effective personalization is the key to getting the best results from account-based marketing. And, tools like Tribilio are made to make personalization work for your inbound marketing strategy! With Tribilio you can easily customize messaging, content, and call to action by account segments. Your account segments could be based on content topic interest, funnel stage, or based on the buying stage i.e. prospect vs. customer. 

Personalizing at scale is a powerful and much-required capability, which adds ease to your campaign management. From engaging the right people to channeling your sales efforts on account buying signals, Tribilio helps with everything.

3. 6Sense

This tool addresses the core of inefficiency by focusing on marketing-sales alignment. With 6Sense as your choice of ABM tools, you’ll be able to streamline and strengthen how your marketing and sales team functions. 

The tool can help you readily identify users who are in an active buying cycle, the products that they are ready to buy, and the point where they are in the buyer’s journey. All this information will help you focus on high-intent, high-value accounts, which ultimately will result in quick and valuable conversions.  Additionally, the platform also takes into account anonymous leads who lurk in the dark funnel but could be very lucrative in terms of a sales opportunity.

4. Adobe Campaign

In an omnichannel world, your inbound marketing strategy must focus on all touchpoints that a user goes through in their purchase journey. Tools like Adobe Campaign take an omnichannel approach to ABM and enable campaign creations for mobile, desktop, or any other device. 

While Adobe Campaign is a popular choice amongst the bigger organizations for its extensive feature set, it can be a little overwhelming for teams to get started on. 

5. Terminus

Terminus is a full suite account-based marketing platform covering everything from personalized targeting on accounts to engagement insights for the sales team, and easy and efficient reporting. With Terminus, you can prioritize account lists using the firmographics and the existing user data that you have. This enables your sales team to focus on engaging the right accounts with personalized campaigns, at the right time. 

Scorecards and ROI tracking further make Terminus a good choice for anyone looking to get started with efficient account-based marketing campaign management in their inbound marketing strategy. 

6. Bound

A favorite amongst many marketers, inbound marketing and account-based marketing agencies, and salespeople, Bound enables creating personalized paths for target accounts or even prospects visiting the organization’s website. Given a personalized path, visitors become highly likely to interact with the organization and explore the site further to know more about the products and services being offered. 

For account-based marketing, you can take cues from user behavior patterns that show up when they take their personalized paths on the website, to create highly behavior and intent-based campaigns. Engaging the right audience with Bound means higher chances of hitting conversion and sales targets. 

7. Zymplify

A comparatively new name in the market,  Zymplify has made a mark in the industry for its smart feature set. The tool covers everything from email marketing, social, and mobile marketing, to engaging your target accounts. 

The tool makes it easy for anyone from any industry to run and manage ABM, as it clearly defines verticals for different specializations. You also have access to use cases to get started with ABM campaigns. This way, you are never short on ideas about how to go about engaging your high-value, high-intent audience. 

8. Madison Logic

Madison Logic helps you accelerate the speed at which your best accounts are moving through your sales pipeline. It follows a simple methodology for efficient account-based marketing campaign management – Find, Engage, Optimize, Track, Align, and Grow.

If you use Madison Logic, you are bound to find it so intuitive, that you feel it is almost ‘self-serve’. And, that’s a superpower that anyone would want to make good use of when trying to address a vast market.

9. Uberflip

An interesting tool, with an interesting focus, Uberflip differentiates itself from the flock by focusing on delivering ‘content experiences’ for target accounts. Uberflip’s idea or foundation rests on the core that content is the essence of engagement. And, with the right messaging you can quickly convert your most important accounts. 

Delivering the right message at the right time, and in the right part of the buying process, makes all the difference. The tool uses AI intelligence for content delivery, which makes your targeting more accurate. 

10. Integrate

True to its name, integrate helps you get together the power of multiple tools into one. As a business, you might need different functionalities for lead generation and pipeline management. And, you might like one tool for something and the other for another capability that it offers. However, it’s not easy to keep switching from one tool to another. 

With Integrate, you can combine platforms that you wish to use for lead generation. The tool also facilitates running personalized account-based marketing campaigns and tracking their performance to optimize them for better results.

Choosing the right tool

Apart from the ten account-based marketing tools we listed above, you’re going to stumble upon many others. Some with a competitive feature set and some with competitive pricing. But to be able to make the right choice between those you shortlist, you need to ask yourself: 

  • Does the tool help you measure the right ABM campaign metrics? 
  • Will the metrics being tracked help you calculate the ROI?
  • Does the tool offer support to optimize your ABM strategy? 
  • Does the tool integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing and sales stack? 

Still, struggling to make the right choice of an Account-based marketing agency to set up your first campaign? Let’s talk!

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