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We understand how to deliver results for Manufacturers, Distributors, and other Industrial companies. With our proven solutions, you’ll see consistent results, gain a competitive edge, and be equipped to scale your business for the long term.

Manufacturing Businesses Require Specialized Marketing.

While the average B2B sales cycle is a little over 3 months, the industrial manufacturing sales cycle can be as long as 12 – 18 months.
Industrial sales are more high-stakes and complex than run-of-the-mill B2B sales as manufacturing products are often sold at high-value price points and in bulk.
With an ROI-focused approach, we help you leverage Inbound and Account-Based Marketing to improve lead flow, build trust with prospective customers, and ultimately boost customer lifetime value.

We are best suited for Manufacturers that are:

health tech companies
Struggling with outdated marketing processes and reaching the right target market
manufacturing industries
Growing and looking for ways to generate new qualified leads
manufacturing industries
Looking to consistently improve lead flow through the pipeline
manufacturing companies
Seeking track progress and establish a clear path to ROI
Missing cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with the existing customer base

Our Approach to Manufacturing Marketing

Comprehensive Customer Insights

Due to the small customer base and the fierce competition in the industrial sector, it is crucial to know your customers thoroughly. Utilizing a combination of buyer persona analysis, industry research, and other tools, we help you get highly precise with targeting the right audience.
Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling for the Complex Purchase Decisions

Manufacturing deals often require complex purchasing decisions involving multiple stakeholders and assessments. Using a consultative approach, our marketing efforts are focused on providing valuable solutions to customer pain points which helps speed up the purchasing process.

Persistence + Personalization for the Longer Sales Cycle

It takes time to build trust with manufacturing buyers as they cannot afford to suffer setbacks from product malfunctions. Personalization is key to ensure prospects feel like you’re looking out for them — we help you leverage personalization and automation to nurture leads for the duration of the sales cycle.

Focus on Customer Retention and Lifetime Value

Industrial sales contracts are often long-term, as businesses don’t want to redo the complex purchasing process. In addition to helping you retain and delight your existing customer base, we will work with you to up-sell and cross-sell to them with ease, ensuring maximum lifetime value for every customer.


We are an experienced team of creative, analytical, and business-oriented Smarketers who are extremely passionate about what we do. SMBs as well as Fortune 500 tech companies trust us with their marketing, and for good reason. We were recognized by ITSMA in 2019 for Marketing Excellence in ABM and by Clutch as a leading B2B agency in India.
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We are in the business of building bridges, we close the gap between your sales and marketing teams, and between your Inbound and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approaches. Our unique integrated B2B strategy is one of a kind in the industry and is based on extensive experience — it also works very well to bridge the gap in your pipeline between prospects and customers.
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We focus on measurable KPIs right from the start of every project. Despite the fact that all our initiatives are structured for the long-term, we also focus on measuring and ensuring day-to-day success and ROI. Our ability to remain flexible and nimble allows us to pivot as needed to ensure that every dollar spent yields results.
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The whole team of The Smarketers is very professional and reliable. In terms of implementation, the Smarketers team demonstrated excellent skills and competence. After acquiring all the services offered by The Smarketers, Josh Software's marketing department posted impeccable results in the first quarter of this fiscal year.
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