Ekincare, India’s most advanced enterprise-ready health benefits platform, successfully consolidated medical data into a single platform via our expert-led HubSpot implementation

About the Client

Ekincare started as a medical records platform to standardize India’s healthcare ecosystem using AI and deep analytics. Today, it is a successful enterprise-ready health benefits provider in the B2B space, offering services like pharmacy, telemedicine, fitness, and mental health.


The client’s primary objective was to consolidate all data into one platform for improved accessibility and in-depth analysis. Though they had a dedicated internal team for HubSpot implementation, they lacked the expertise and know-how for effective implementation..

So, they needed an expert partner who could understand the nuances of their marketing and sales processes, translate that into HubSpot workflows, and train their team throughout the implementation journey. Additionally, we built a custom integration with their mobile app analytics tool - MoEngage.

Timeline for the project: Ten weeks

Our HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub Enterprise Implementation services included –

Services Provided

Our HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub Enterprise Implementation services included –

HubSpot Onboarding

We sat with the client team to understand their requirements. Accordingly, we made actionable recommendations for an implementation plan.


Since HubSpot has a host of advanced capabilities, we trained their internal team for optimal utilization of HubSpot’s marketing and sales hubs.

Implementation Audit

Post the training, we conducted an implementation audit to monitor our strategy’s progress and success metric. It helped both teams assess the marketing and sales performance pre- and post-HubSpot implementation.


Phase 1

Marketing Foundation + Migration from Leadsquared and Pipedrive
Set up all aspects of HubSpot, spanning across migration from Leadsquared and Pipedrive. We created migrate forms, HubSpot lists, automation emails, and newsletter emails, along with other necessary automation functions for lead capturing, conversion, and content, engagement.

For Sales Hub implementation, we created target account lists & contact lists, added contact owners, configured the lead & account scoring metrics, and defined the lifecycle stage customization. Then we onboarded all team users (invite, permissions, and resources) and set up custom functionalities for the client’s CRM processes. We also created the baseline reporting and review setup along with standard sales automation.

We executed the necessary steps for seamless integration, such as installing HubSpot tracking code, filtering internal traffic, and configuring marketing email account settings, email-sending domain, and primary domain. We integrated the client’s social and ad accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Ads, and AdRoll), Salesforce CRM and sales, productivity, webinar tools & meeting calendars. After migrating all content assets to HubSpot, the team provided an overview of the custom sales process in HubSpot.

For enhanced automation and reporting capabilities, we added contact owners, created follow-up workflows for gated assets, designed the lead scoring setup, configured reports and dashboards on a requirement-based model, and defined the lifecycle stage customizations and CTAs for the site. We dedicated three hours to give the client’s team a comprehensive walkthrough of the platform and its capabilities.

Phase 2 :

Landing Page and Email Migration

We migrated over 50 landing pages and HTML emails from Leadsquared.

Results Achieved

Improved visibility of accounts for the marketing and sales teams

A unified dashboard for data reporting from external sources such as MoEngage

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