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A Fortune 500 Industrial Automation Company Hosts A Virtual Events To Generate 300+ Sales Opportunities Within 4 Weeks

About the Client

The client is a Fortune 500 technology company in the manufacturing and production space committed to enabling next generation of smart manufacturing.


The client wanted to increase their visibility in the digital media and engage target decision-makers and influencers through thought leadership sessions and content.


The objective was to host virtual events to generate interest from target decision-makers and drive sales opportunities.

End-to-End virtual event marketing and orchestration services

Phase 1


Finalizing strategy – Theme/Topic finalization, Date & Time, Target audience, Speakers. Planning for Tech stack, Registration, Invites, Agenda, Live Q&A’s, Polls.

virtual Event
Phase 2


Moderation of the event, Registrants assistance to access the event via phone calls, emails, and messaging.

Phase 3


Content creation such as ebooks, whitepaper for follow-ups and seeking feedback.

Virtual Event Marketing


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Sales opportunities in 4 weeks
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Reduction in cost per lead

400 target companies registered, 500+ qualified registrations from the target industry.

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