Revenue Growth in 2023:
Converging ABM, Inbound Marketing, and Demand Generation for Maximizing Your Marketing Outcomes.


The convergence of Inbound Marketing, Demand Generation, and ABM have started to pick up. In 2023, these strategies will become mainstream.

Is your marketing function ready?

If you are planning to join the Inbound, Demand Gen, and ABM bandwagon, join our webinar to learn how to integrate these new-age tools to drive more conversions and revenue growth in 2023.

Meet Our Speaker

Enoch James

Chief Smarketer | ABM Thought Leader driving marketing innovation for B2B Enterprises

Enoch Pakanati, a postgraduate in Economics, Marketing, and Advertising started his career as a sales consultant and paved his way up the corporate ladder. His last stint before starting The Smarketers was leading the Sales of [x] cube labs as Vice President.

With an extensive experience of 18+ years in Sales & Marketing for clients across the US, Canada, Germany, and different parts of the world, Enoch founded The Smarketers, with a vision to enable B2B organizations to strongly align their sales and marketing teams and generate new business opportunities through inbound and account-based marketing.

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