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The new marketing normal post-COVID-19 for B2B Organizations –In conversation with Thomson Reuters


COVID-19 has brought about uncertainty and has impacted businesses at large, forcing B2B organisations to rethink and realign their marketing strategy.

The marketing function and its role, as we know, is not going to be the same hereafter; traditional processes and techniques are already being replaced with lean and agile digital processes. Digital technologies are growing more sophisticated and are reshaping consumer engagement. The decision-maker is no longer working from the confines of their workplace.

The emerging new normal is integrated, data & intent-driven; it is taking into account unprecedented disruptions and is banking on technology to do the heavy lifting. Marketers need to rely on insights and foresights for changing consumer behavior and market trends.

From the right way to communicate to the most impactful way to reach out to their target buyers, marketing leaders are facing new challenges every day. In this background, they need to lead their organizations to adapt while demonstrating a return on each buck.

How does this translate for IT and SaaS companies, especially in the APAC region?

We pick these questions up in our webinar with Madhulika Ray, Marketing Manager for APAC and Emerging Markets at Thomson Reuters and Enoch Pakanati, CEO at The Smarketers.

The discussion will focus on how COVID-19 has changed the marketing landscape for technology companies in the APAC region and the opportunities at hand:

  1. Navigating the COVID-19 downturn – managing your sales and marketing teams
  2. How MNCs are handling the changes – what has changed for corporates?
  3. Is ABM still relevant? If yes, how? What other approaches are relevant currently?
  4. How to pivot marketing plans in a short time?
  5. Do’s and Don’ts for crisis communication
  6. Possibilities of how the landscape will realign and the steps that can be taken to be prepared

Madhulika Ray

Marketing Manager, APAC and Emerging Markets

Thomson Reuters

Enoch James

Chief Smarketer | ABM Thought Leader driving marketing innovation for B2B Enterprises

The Smarketers: ITSMA Gold Award Winner: ABM Innovation and Excellence for 2019


Swapnil Soni

Sr. ABM Strategist

The Smarketers

The new marketing normal post-COVID-19 for B2B Organizations – In conversation with Thomson Reuters

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