8 tips to save money & improve ROI with PPC ads

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Do you feel like you are wasting too much money on paid advertising and not getting desired results?

People often consider PPC advertising to be a costly affair. But effective management of the campaign with proper integration of PPC advertising can yield a high ROI.

Here are eight simple tips which can help you to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns and save your money.

Run test campaign with a small budget

Testing a campaign is important in determining the things which are working for you and which are not.

Create different sets of ads copies and try different terms and keywords relevant to your business in the title and descriptions.

Try A/B testing for various ads extensions to know what is working. Use the same keyword for creating three different match types.

For example, If your keyword is mobile app development then the different match types would be

Phrase Match- “Mobile app development”

Exact Match- [Mobile app development]

Broad Match-Mobile app development

Choose the right keywords

Keywords play a vital role in PPC campaigns. Selecting the right keywords can give you effective results.

Choose the keywords which your targeted customer will use to search for the information related to product or services.

Long tail keywords should be given the highest priority.

For example, If you are a web hosting provider then use keywords such as web hosting service provider, web hosting solutions, web hosting services for business, etc.

Also, make sure you are bidding on the precise keyword your target customer searches for.

Bidding on the wrong keywords would result in the wastage of money.

Don’t add more than 20 keywords per ad group. If you want your ads to show for more keywords, it’s better to create more ad groups.

Use negative keywords

Negative keywords are very crucial in paid campaigns. They help you to show the right ad to the right people.

Using the proper negative keywords can improve the click through rate (CTR) of your ad campaign.

Example: For a B2B PPC campaign negative keywords would be Jobs, Career, recruitment, salary

Optimize landing page

A properly optimized landing page can increase the conversion rate.

The landing page should be relevant to your ads.

Add testimonials to the landing page.

Use appropriate CTA so that people can drive action.

Using red or orange colors in your CTA buttons will aid in getting more attention.

Highlight your business USP’s on your landing page.

Landing Page should be mobile friendly.


You may lose your money if your ads are not properly targeted.

Select all your targeted locations wisely because it wouldn’t make any sense to get clicks from locations where you are not providing product or services.

Ad copies

Ad copies are the first expression to your consumers. It is necessary to write ads which are compelling and yield high click-through rate.

A good quality Ad improves the quality score of your campaign.

Don’t do keywords stuffing in the ads copies. Create at least 3 ads per ad group.

Campaign for Mobile & Desktop

  • Optimize campaign for mobile and desktop
  • Check traffic, clicks, and impressions
  • Compare the performance of the ads and then adjust your bids accordingly.

Here I decreased the bids for “Tablets with full browsers” by -10%.

Ad Extensions

Use relevant ads extensions to show more information about your business or products. Ad extensions can improve visibility of your ad campaigns and there is no extra cost for adding these extensions.

There are various Types of Extensions such as Call extensions, review extensions, and site link extensions Know more here 

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inbound marketing
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