9 ways to repurpose existing content to attract traffic and leads

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If you are in the content marketing game for few months you will realize the pain it takes to create unique and good quality content on a regular basis.

Putting out good content is team work. It takes lot of research, analysis, learnings and revisions.

Writers sometimes hit a dead wall with ideas or simply can’t type words out.

Knowing these pro content marketers who are in the game for years know the fine art of repurposing content. They also know to repurpose content in a way which can attract more traffic and virality to their brand presence.

Here is a guide which you can use for the same.

1. Leverage Slideshare

Slideshare is a social network for sharing business documents in the form of PDFs and PPTs. Professionals share their business learnings on this network as an effort to get exposure or simply share their knowledge with their community.

You and your team might have made PPTs and training documents for internal purposes.

Few of these documents could be safe for public viewing. These training PPTs and PDFs can add value to other professionals in your industry. This can establish you as a thought leader in your niche.

2. Linkedin

People use LinkedIn to consume business-relevant content. WIth linkedin, you have a business context and attention of the user which no other social network provides. You can republish your old blog posts on the Linkedin platform.

An article shared on Linkedin’s native platform has more scope of virality over the one shared as a mere link.

Make sure the content you are sharing on Linkedin is not too technical. Make sure you place a link back to the original blog post for viewer’s reference.

3. Content Audit:

Content gets outdated with time. Some of your content might be irrelevant in 2017.

In growing industry trends, approaches and tools change at a rapid pace. Even the level of your skill and knowledge on a topic increases over time.

You can update your existing blog posts with fresher content and imagery. This will help you rank better in search engines as Google supports content which is relevant and fresh.  

Recommended Reading: How to do a content audit

4. Make roundup posts

Roundup posts are a list of links and resources which you find would be useful to the reader. If you are running a home improvement blog you can make a mashup of all the popular home improvement articles you read over the last one week into an article.

People will appreciate your effort and might even subscribe to your blog if they trust your recommendation.

5. Make massive list posts by linking up relevant resources

A lot of good content is already on the web written by other experts. You can pick a popular topic in your niche and link to the best content out there. Few of these articles could be sitting in your bookmarks folder.

Example: Best Content Marketing Resources

6. Convert Text into infographics

Infographics have higher chances of getting shared. You can convert your most popular blog posts with interesting stats and facts into an infographic.

Since the research is already done before you can churn out an infographic much faster.

7. Convert Text into Motion graphics video

Video is the hottest content medium right now. You can convert interesting data into motion graphics. Motion graphics. You hire a freelancer on Fiverr or use online tools for this purpose.

If you have an in-house video editing team you can buy a template from VideoHive.

8. Q&A Quora

Pick up questions which are highly relevant to the topics you have covered on your blog.

Once you pick these you can answer these questions giving a new perspective to the problem and leave a link to your blog for further reading.

9. Create an email series

Email series is an educative series of the email your reader receives on a signup.

For instance, if you have a business which sells a clinic management software then you can set up a 7-day email series which help doctors improve their productivity.

You can use your blog content for this purpose.

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