7 B2B businesses which kill it with great video

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Video has been on the internet for more than a decade. But its adoption as a content marketing channel has picked up only in recent years.

One of the reasons being the effort it takes to make a good video right from ideation to production.

With more internet browsing happening on the mobile than ever before and users looking forward to engaging and entertaining content, a video should be made a necessary part of your content marketing efforts.

Here are 7 B2B businesses which make the best videos that can engage and influence users powerfully:

1. Freshbooks 

Why this stands out?

  1. Real customer testimonial adds credibility
  2. It focuses on Freshbook’s core USP, which is to reduce the customer’s cutter in her life
  3. “I am definitely making more money.” We are all in this for the same.

2. GetHarvest – A slice of time 

Why this stands out?

  1. Shows how the product integrates with real-life business
  2. Keeps it simple and engaging with music and candid expressions.

3. Adobe Marketing Cloud 

Why this stands out? ( My favorite )

  1. Delivers the core message ” How wrong marketing measurement can cause disastrous consequences” very aptly.
  2. Humorous and engaging
  3. One minute video with only 5 seconds of promotion

4. HubSpot 

Why this stands out?

  1. Elucidates pain point before talking about the product.
  2. Call to action is used as an annotation.
  3. Focuses on core benefits such as an all in one software, support and easy integration over mentioning the full list of features.

5. Slack 

Why this stands out?

  1. Humorous and dramatic. Not those boring “we are so awesome” type of videos.
  2. Real customer – The video used Sandwich video’s office to give a more realistic appeal
  3. Elucidates pain point before talking about the product.
  4. The narrative is around Adam – the key business decision maker. The product directly talks about making his life better.

6. SalesForce 

What stands out?

  1. Salesforce wants to attract large businesses. The context and shots portray a larger than life feel.
  2. Top level management from relevant departments at American Express talks about the product.
  3. Focus on a few important benefits like multi-device usage and cross-team integration over a full list of features.

7. Shopify

What stands out?

  1. Focus on helping the customer through tips, tutorials, and webinars.
  2. Series of videos not just promotional videos
  3. Consistent video creation.
  4. Interviews with real-world e-commerce entrepreneurs.
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