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Why Inbound methodology works better than Digital marketing for B2B companies?

inbound marketing

Since the mid-1990s, the internet has been expanded to millions of users worldwide.

Today we can’t imagine spending an hour of our life without it.

Out of the many things that the internet has revolutionized in our daily lives, it has successfully changed the means of communication throughout the world.

As the core definition of marketing is the communication of your products, digital marketing has attained a lot of significance for every marketing campaign and is slowly and completely replacing the old traditional practices of marketing.

While there is no doubt that digital marketing is very affordable, versatile and practical, it only offers a handful of tactics with no clear and systematic strategy to market your products and services.

Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat – Sun Tzu

Many companies over the past decade have happily created a digital marketing campaign with various tactics such as SEO, SEM, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, etc.

While these routine practices are successful to an extent, there are also a lot of missed opportunities for better targeting and optimization which are highly essential for any B2B business.

By only using a digital marketing campaign it is hard to reach your exact buyer fit and the whole campaign would be like a ship without a rudder.

So, what can you do about this?

If your primary target is to generate more leads, to stay on the positive side of your ROI, to target the suitable and correct people or companies, inbound marketing is the answer.

By integrating the Inbound methodology to your marketing campaign, you will target the right audience on the right platform and at the right time.

This unique approach helps you in getting a detailed analysis report of the whole campaign and contributes effectively to remarkable coordination between the sales and marketing teams.

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Six reasons why inbound methodology works better than digital marketing for a B2B company

Better generation of leads

According to a survey done by Ascend2, “ 70% of B2B marketers place improving the quality of leads as the most vital objective in a lead generation strategy “

One of the biggest advantages of inbound marketing is that you can drive only the well qualified and interest-driven leads to your website and you can track a buyer’s entire journey from the time they click your site until they become your customers.

Without an inbound methodology even if the website has high traffic, the conversion rate can be extremely low.

Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads into the B2B marketing funnel than traditional outbound marketing (source: HubSpot )

Proper segmentation of digital marketing tactics

Digital marketing is a compilation of a few stand-alone tactics.

It comes as a subset under the whole inbound marketing methodology.

With the inbound procedure, you can segment each tactic like SEO, blogs, e-books, e-mail marketing to various stages of the buyer’s journey.

With proper segregation, the performance parameters of each tactic could be analyzed and corrected conveniently.

A precise definition of your buyer persona

The inbound strategy includes developing a semi-fictional persona of your potential buyer with information regarding his/her demographics, job role, type of company, etc.

By developing such a persona, it would be easy to target the right buyers of your products or services.

With the development of such a persona, the right content can be shared in the right context and the right platform (everywhere the personas are spending their time).

Minimal budget and time-saving

A typical digital marketing campaign involves spending a huge amount of money as it is tough to determine which specific tactic works well for a particular type of campaign.

With the usage of a concise inbound marketing strategy, it is possible to examine the performance levels of the whole campaign.

Taking into consideration of various reports and achievements of each tactic, you can easily detect what is working and what is not.

As a result, money can be invested in the right things and a lot of time can be saved.

Outbound marketing procedures such as paid advertising are ranked as the top waste of time and capital by around 32% of both inbound and outbound marketers. (source: HubSpot)

Marketing and sales alignment

The disagreements and conflicts between the sales and marketing teams is a common sight in any B2B company.

Inbound marketing offers an excellent collaboration of both the departments.

Both the teams work together with interdependent organizational goals.

By finalizing on a Service Level Agreement (SLA), the two teams work collectively with revenue as the standard target.

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Meaningful long-term growth

For increasing the short-term branding awareness, efficient usage of any one of the digital marketing techniques might work for your business.

But if you want to focus on establishing a long-term unified marketing campaign in order to:

  • Find suitable fitting leads
  • Create purposeful content with context
  • Drive sales and
  • Build trust with clients

Then, inbound marketing might just be what your organization needs.

Would you like to know more about why you should consider an inbound marketing methodology for your B2B marketing efforts?

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inbound marketing
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