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1. You can soon post Instagram stories directly from web

Instagram now plans to allow users to post and view stories directly from web. These updates will be rolled out in the coming months.

2. Get ready for a stuck-free Youtube Live video experience

Youtube rolled out a new option for live video creators – Ultra-low latency. This option allows super-fast and jitter-free streaming of live videos. Also, creators can now control the comments section using the latest AI powered moderation tools.

Search Engine Optimization

3. Google Adword is now supporting AMP Landing Pages

You can now point your ads to Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) landing page. Currently this feature is only available for mobile search text ads.

This feature is available only for Chrome on Android. However, Google added that this feature will be rolled out for other browsers too.

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4. Google Might Have Updated its Search Algorithm

There is a hush-hush among users in Webmaster forum that Google might have updated its search algorithm. Several users reported that they have experienced fluctuations in their keyword rankings and strongly suspect that Google might have made changes to its algorithm.

5. Remarketing bids adjustment suggestions are now shown by Bing Ads  

Bing added a new feature for Bing Ads that shows suggestions for remarketing bids adjustments based on the historical ad performance.

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