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1. Instant articles are removed from Facebook Messenger

In order to let bots deliver latest news to users, Facebook has removed the instant articles feature from the messenger.

2. Canvas Ad Formats are added to Instagram stories

In a bid to encourage advertisers use more story ads and increase flexibility, Instagram added Canvas ad format to stories.

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3. Google suggested how to convert your m-dot URLs to responsive website

Google published a recent blog-post in its  Webmaster Central Blog that explains how to make your website responsive before the Mobile-First Index update gets rolled out.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Get your responsive site ready
  2. Configure 301 redirects on the old mobile URLs to point to the responsive versions (the new pages). These redirects need to be done on a per-URL basis, individually from each mobile URLs to the responsive URLs.
  3. Remove any mobile-URL specific configuration your site might have, such as conditional redirects or a vary HTTP header.
  4. As a good practice, setup rel=canonical on the responsive URLs pointing to themselves (self-referential canonicals).

4. Latest Study: Links are still very important to rank well in Google search

In the latest research done by Stone Temple Consulting, it is found that links still play a crucial role to rank better in Google search results. The researchers also concluded that this trend will continue in the future. Read more

5. Bing now supports “Fact Check” label

Bing announced that they have started supporting the ClaimReview schema markup powered “Fact Check” label in search results. Read more

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