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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Company Drives 8X growth with Inbound Marketing and Hubspot Optimization


ECLAT Health Solutions is a leading provider of comprehensive healthcare support services, specializing in medical coding, medical billing, and healthcare revenue cycle consulting. The company's primary objective is to foster successful business partnerships that thrive symbiotically.


As part of their growth strategy, ECLAT recognized the critical importance of inbound marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and effective utilization of HubSpot's robust platform. However, the company faced several challenges in harnessing the full potential of these areas, necessitating a strategic partnership with a like-minded organization to overcome these hurdles and achieve their objectives. Seeking expertise in inbound marketing, SEO, and HubSpot services, ECLAT Health Solutions reached out to "The Smarketers" for this partnership and growth initiatives. This case study delves into ECLAT Health Solutions' journey as they partnered with The Smarketers, exploring the specific challenges ECLAT encountered, the process of identifying an ideal partner, and the remarkable results that were achieved through this collaboration.

Challenges Faced By the Client

Client’s Business and their Goals

ECLAT Health Solutions aimed to use marketing as the primary driver for enhancing their brand presence and increasing awareness among their target audience. Their goal was to establish themselves as thought leaders in the healthcare support services industry.

The client sought to generate a consistent flow of qualified leads through an inbound marketing approach. Their objective was to attract potential clients through compelling content and effective marketing strategies, ultimately converting them into loyal customers.

ECLAT Health Solutions had a goal of maximizing the utilization of the HubSpot platform in the upcoming months. They wanted partners, like The Smarketers, who could understand their marketing and sales processes, translate them into HubSpot workflows, and guide their team through the implementation to leverage the platform’s full potential.

The client requested The Smarketers to collaborate with their sales team leadership to modify existing sales reports, create new reports, and publish them to the sales and leadership teams on a weekly basis. Their aim was to improve sales reporting capabilities and provide valuable insights for informed decision-making and performance tracking.

ECLAT Health Solutions sought impactful promotional campaigns tailored for each event, designed to drive targeted audience engagement and maximize event attendance. They entrusted The Smarketers with the task of crafting and executing data-driven marketing strategies, including eye-catching designs and compelling content, to entice and captivate potential attendees. Moreover, ECLAT desired The Smarketers’ expertise in setting up highly optimized email campaign flows, leveraging segmentation and automation, to ensure precise targeting and enhance the overall effectiveness of their event promotions.

ECLAT had a keen interest in maintaining a clean and accurate marketing database. They expected The Smarketers to conduct data cleaning exercises to eliminate duplicates and outdated information.

Solution/Tech Stack Implemented

Our Impactful Work for ECLAT Health Solutions:

Services Provided

We collaborated closely with ECLAT Health Solutions to execute a comprehensive marketing strategy that aimed to attract, engage, and delight their target audience. With our expert guidance, their website underwent a seamless migration to the HubSpot platform, marking the beginning of a transformative digital journey. By embracing HubSpot, they gained access to a plethora of features and capabilities, setting the stage for remarkable outcomes and unparalleled growth.

From website management to lead scoring, workflows automation, marketing and sales reports, ads, CRM, and database enrichment – we helped ECLAT leverage HubSpot comprehensively. Our team took charge of managing their HubSpot instance, expertly integrating various systems, designing workflows, and configuring the platform to align with their marketing vision. Through our support, ECLAT maximized the utilization of HubSpot’s powerful capabilities.

To ensure an effective and phased approach, we devised a strategic plan that aligned with ECLAT’s Inbound marketing approaches. This allowed for the gradual implementation of new features and functionalities, empowering ECLAT to fully leverage HubSpot’s power while maintaining alignment with their marketing goals.

We assisted ECLAT in managing their advertising campaigns on HubSpot, helping them reach their target audience more effectively and maximize their return on investment. With our guidance, their advertising efforts achieved better results and enhanced brand visibility.

We implemented lead scoring mechanisms and set up automated workflows to streamline lead management and nurture processes. This enabled ECLAT to prioritize high-quality leads and improve conversion rates.

To improve the quality and accuracy of their marketing data, we assisted ECLAT in enriching their database with relevant information. This enrichment process enabled more personalized and effective marketing campaigns, ultimately leading to improved targeting and decision-making.

We undertook SEO activities to enhance ECLAT’s online visibility and drive organic traffic to their website. By employing on-page and off-page optimization techniques, we improved their search engine rankings and attracted their target audience.

By combining our expertise in inbound marketing, ABM, and SEO, our goal was to position ECLAT as a thought leader in the healthcare support services industry. We aimed to generate high-quality leads and contribute to ECLAT’s overall growth and success in the market.

Achieved ROI Highlights

Cost Per Lead (CPL) Reduction

ECLAT Health Solutions experienced an impressive 63.6% reduction in CPL, decreasing it from $5 to $1.82 over the course of a year.

Lead Generation Success

The collaborative efforts generated a total of 1435 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), 29 SQLs, 17 Revenue Opportunities contributing to tangible business outcomes.

Traffic Improvements

ECLAT’s website witnessed notable enhancements in traffic, with an increase of over 200% within a year.

Annual Cost Savings

The strategic marketing initiatives resulted in significant annual cost savings for ECLAT Health Solutions, achieved through optimized lead generation, improved conversions, and increased campaign efficiency.

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