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The Smarketers helps Josh Software generate 300% ROI in 7 months

About the company

Josh software, an IT services company, started in 2007. They have had the single-minded focus of building innovative web-based applications for their clientele based on an Open Source framework. In a short period, Josh became a formidable tech company that was consistently ranked as the #1 most reliable software development partner by most of its clients. Today, Josh has their presence in the USA, UAE and India.


Without a full-fledged, in-house marketing team, Josh struggled to establish their presence in a competitive market. They soon realised that the best way to handle end-to-end marketing was to partner with an agency.


Assess Josh’s marketing needs, establish a solid brand presence, drive organic traffic to their new website, and generate leads and revenue for the company.

An Integrated Inbound and ABM approach

On-Page Content

The on-page content was carefully crafted to focus on answering the frequently asked questions and generate high-quality inbound links through various sources.

branding and design agency


Specific industries were identified, and a target account list was created. The ABM campaigns, coupled with the inbound strategy, started delivering leads right from the 3rd month. A refined nurture flow was created for each prospect that was engaging with Josh through various channels, with a highly personalized outreach program focused on the needs of the account.

HubSpot Marketing Professional Hub

With swift implementation, we brought together the entire campaign in one place with visibility over each lead. This helped Josh streamline all their marketing processes in order to drive measurable business results.


In just over 8 months of partnering with Smarketers, Josh saw commendable growth, that included:

0 +
Over 4000+ visitors to their new website
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500+ marketing qualified leads

Josh Software generated a 300% ROI in just 7 months

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