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Debunking Account-based marketing myths – How to plan for ABM in 2020.

Account-based marketing is the best way for businesses to acquire large accounts, create better engagement and build relationships.

Unfortunately, most organizations are not well informed about ABM and hence have false expectations about what ABM can or cannot do.

While opportunity and revenue generation is the end goal, how you measure every step of your campaign and define success metrics makes all the difference.

If generating leads through ABM is your focus for 2020, then this webinar is for you. Eliminate all your doubts and misconceptions surrounding ABM, equip yourself and your team with the right knowledge, strategies, and tools to drive a successful campaign.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Account-Based Marketing – What it actually should mean to a B2B Sales or Marketing person.
  • Myths and misconceptions around ABM.
  • Planning for an ABM program, taking the right approach.
  • Starting small and implementing ABM at scale.
  • Defining and measuring ABM success metrics



ITSMA Gold Award Winner: ABM Innovation and Excellence for 2019

Enoch James

Chief Smarketer | ABM Thought Leader driving marketing innovation for B2B Enterprises

The Smarketers: ITSMA Gold Award Winner: ABM Innovation and Excellence for 2019

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The Ultimate Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tool kit for B2B Organizations executing or planning to implement ABM in 2024