Live Video Discussion – How Organizations Can Stay Afloat and Drive New Business Even During a Pandemic.


The global effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 is presenting tough choices for business leaders. Travel plans are being canceled, events either canceled or postponed, many offline marketing initiatives have taken a step back. As the international response continues to develop, we know that organizations are facing several challenges related to gaining more customers, keeping the sales pipeline stable, to which they need to respond rapidly. Due to the fluid nature of the markets, it is necessary to build contingency plans for such situations. Having such plans in place are less likely to disrupt awareness and demand generation efforts. If you are a host or an exhibitor of an event, your teams must be prepared to quickly pivot marketing strategy and campaigns to address the concern. We are working closely with organizations to help them in preparing and responding to the pandemic.

Join our discussion, to learn how you can make your organization foolproof from the uncertain situation:

  1. Managing your sales team and prospects to not miss an opportunity.
  2. Your prospects are working from home as well, how do you connect with them?
  3. Aligning sales and marketing teams for better lead management.
  4. Utilizing budgets set aside for offline marketing effectively to promote products/services digitally.
  5. Figuring out the best channels to reach out to prospects in a ‘WFH’ environment.
  6. Leveraging the situation at hand for competitive business advantage.
Humanity is experimenting and being experimented upon. Time will tell…

Enoch James

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How Organizations Can Stay Afloat and Drive New Business Even During a Pandemic

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