ABM tactics to target B2B prospects through paid advertising

Account Based Marketing for B2B

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a personalized approach. ABM tactics allow marketers across the sales team and marketing teams to convert the specific account into customers.

Many marketers believe that ABM tactics have a high closure rate when compared to other traditional marketing methods.

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The main focus of ABM is to reach out to a small set of selected accounts that are more likely to make a purchase. So how you will reach out to the targeted audience who are not part of your network?

With paid advertising of course!

Here are a few ABM tactics through paid advertising you can adopt to target your potential customers:

ABM InfographicFacebook Advertising

A Facebook custom audience is the best way to show ads to people whom you want to target. Facebook allows you to customize your audience based on their interaction with your website, mobile app or just the Facebook page.

If you wish to target individuals who haven’t interacted with your mobile app, website, or Facebook page, you would have to create a custom audience list while creating Facebook ads.

For this, identifiers need to be added. Facebook uses this data to match the people you want to target. Having a good list of identifiers is crucial for a better match rate.

Facebook allows you to add 15 identifiers. Here is a list of identifiers that you can add:

  1. Email address
  2. Phone number
  3. Mobile advertiser ID
  4. First name
  5. Surname
  6. ZIP/Postcode
  7. City
  8. County/Region
  9. Country
  10. Date of birth
  11. Year of birth
  12. Gender
  13. Age
  14. Facebook app user ID
  15. Facebook Page user ID

You could create and use a spreadsheet to upload this data or you can directly paste it.

Twitter Advertising

You can connect with your targeted B2B audience via Twitter in these ways:

Username Targeting: If you have a list of all the Twitter handles of your targeted audience, you can easily show ads to those who have similar interests. You can add their Twitter handles to the audience feature.

Tailored Audiences: With Tailored Audience, you can easily remarket your campaign and show ads to interested individuals and those who have engaged with your website or mobile app.

If you have the email addresses or Twitter handles of your targeted prospects, you can directly add those details while creating a campaign.

If more people have visited your website or mobile apps, you can add those details to the tailored audience list while creating campaigns to gain better traction.

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Google Ads

Google Adwords Custom Match data allows you to show ads to your custom audience. With custom match data you can show ads on Search, Shopping, YouTube, and Gmail. Google will show ads to a selected targeted audience when they use Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail.

For creating customer match data, you would require having an email address, phone, first name, last name, country, zip, user ID, and mobile device ID. Based on these details, Google will find your potential prospects and show your ads.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the best channel to target B2B customers. Here, you will find various targeting options to customize the audience. Based on the information you provide, it will find the closely matched potential customers and show your ads.

Linkedin Audience Targeting

Recently, LinkedIn launched its ABM tool called Account Targeting tool in which you can add bulk data of your target account.

ABM ebookIP Address Targeting

Often, the person who visits your website may not be a decision-maker, therefore, you can target a specific IP and push ads. This is known as IP-based ad targeting. Every company has its own IP address, so with IP targeting, ads can be displayed to an entire company.

For this to work, you would require the IP of the account/organization/company you are targeting. There are various online tools that help in identifying IP addresses.


A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. Source

Cookies play a crucial role in the success of Account-Based Marketing. These are great to show ads about your recently launched products or services. You can also display ads to the people who have recently interacted with you by sending follow-up mail along with ads telling about products or services.

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