7 Account Based Marketing Tools You Should Use in 2020 and Beyond

Account Based Marketing

Increasing involvement in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with higher adoption of ABM tactics with deeper inclusion into the marketing strategy of 2020 is on the cards of most ace marketers around the world. A recent study has revealed that 58% of B2B organisations currently employ an ABM strategy and 28% plan on doing so in the next six months. As much as marketers are increasing their dependence on ABM, so will the dependence on technology that supports it would increase.

Account-Based Marketing Tools

ABM relies deeply on principles such as personalization, customization, sales-marketing alignment, shorter sales cycles and an account-driven approach rather than a lead-based approach. These principles would determine the tools and technologies required while adopting account-based marketing.

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Right from a simple email, to the ads and the entire website, marketers try and personalize content for their prospects. Some tools allow you to personalize every aspect of communication that is targeted to your accounts.

1. Demand Base

This tool is designed to align communication across sales, marketing and advertising. Some of its features include account identification, targeted advertising, content personalization and marketing automation. It allows you to integrate with a native CRM and also connect campaign performance and paid ad targeting to sales revenue.

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2. Listen to Loop

You can create tailor-made ads for a specific set of accounts and target them across the different ad networks tied with Listen Loop. You can also configure it to create personalized content on your website for a defined group of visitors. These accounts will see different content and at different times of the day. It uses IP tracking technologies to target accounts.

Sales- Marketing Alignment

Integration, cohesion and alignment are key features of a tool that fulfils the function of sales-marketing alignment. This is critical.

3. Tribilio

This is exclusively designed for mid-sized and large organizations. It is positioned as a single integrated platform that supports both digital and paid marketing campaigns, sales-marketing alignment activities, and real-time behavioural tracking. It also can launch personalized content on websites, and transfer new MQLs to sales in real-time with features like retargeting, attribution reporting, and account scoring.

4. Integrate

As the name suggests, Integrate enables integrations with leading MAP and CRM tools, and B2B marketers to sync target account data, implement target account criteria, and actively manage the target account selection process. Some of the systems created to empower the bottom line are top-of-funnel automation, lead processing, and full-funnel insights.

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Targeted communication to reduce sales cycles

This indicates that you focus your content only on those channels that matter most in converting an account. It simply reduces the time taken by the salesforce to convince and educate a customer.

5. Engagio

This is better perceived as an analytics tool for ABM marketers. However, it has features that can combine lead data from multiple internal and external sources, create multi-channel engagement strategies, and use data to score, prioritize, and measure ABM success.

6. Terminus

On the other hand, Terminus is positioned as a pure “Account-Based Marketing Hub” for B2B marketers. It can identify key decision-makers at target accounts, using data populated by Terminus. This also helps with engagement with multi-channel campaigns including web, mobile, video, and social

Account-driven approach

Accounts are central to an ABM strategy rather than leads. Hence, you need tools that understand this principle and help you align your activities based on that.

7. Radius

Radius is built to drive account-based demand. It is a predictive marketing platform that enables ABM teams to identify and engage with target accounts and decision-makers. The tool helps its users to identify ideal accounts and the identity of decision-makers at these organizations, and design the launch of targeted ABM campaigns. It also provides real-time results tracking.

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Which one wins?

There are many tools out there built exclusively for marketers to implement account-based marketing. But, there is no single tool that will win. Just like the digital Martech ecosystem, the ABM tech ecosystem is also about creating a tech stack that fulfils the needs of your business uniquely. There is no stone-carved recommendation for this. If you are still wondering how to go about with ABM, you can get started with our B2B checklist to implement account-based marketing.

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