5 healthcare marketing trends to look out for in 2017

healthcare marketing trends

Marketing trends are evolving by the second. There are several changes to how patients are approaching healthcare these days.

For example:

  • Patients not only search about symptoms or a particular illness online but they are also performing their due diligence regarding doctors and hospitals.
  • Patients are more concerned about the quality of the care being provided rather than the proximity of the hospital.

This has led to healthcare marketing professionals around the world scratching their heads in order to find strategies or techniques that will help them stand out in the crowd.

As the healthcare industry evolves, we are seeing a rapid shift in their approach to marketing their services to patients.

They are slowly moving away from outdated marketing strategies towards adopting innovative trends, where patient engagement is made the highest priority.

In this blog, we have listed five marketing trends that we think will be an absolute game-changer for those healthcare companies who are considering taking their marketing strategy to the next level in 2017:

1. Mobile optimization

If you check your hands right now, you’d probably be holding a mobile, correct?

Mobiles have become a huge part of our everyday lives, and there’s no denying that.

As a healthcare organization, it is your responsibility to reach out to as many people as possible.

And where are most of these people? Probably on a mobile searching for something.

We are constantly scared of any small thing happening to us that we Google most trivial issues and if your website is not optimized for mobile use then chances are it would never show up in the google search.

2. Resourceful content sharing

We’ve established the fact that people search for anything and everything, which makes it necessary for a healthcare organization to produce original and capable content.

Show your audience that you know what they are looking for exactly, for which you need to generate new content frequently.

You can share two types of content:

  • Communication with your audience: Communication adds a personal touch to whatever blogs or content your organization churns out, be responsive to their questions and concerns it builds trust and empathy.
  • Educating your audience through blogs: Write about new diagnoses/treatments, a new type of illness, cures/remedies/symptoms for various diseases, and how to be aware of their body and to be mindful of what it might be telling them, etc.

3. Live video

If you’re halfway through the blog then kudos to you! But wouldn’t you prefer a five-minute video?

Live videos are becoming very popular nowadays and are highly effective than text, doctors of a healthcare organization could probably do a live video chat and answer questions, which is what most people do nowadays.

Getting answers in seconds rather than sending a mail and waiting for weeks aah! priceless.

The public is always curious, and that will make them tune into your live video.

But let us tell you content writing and blogs create an impact in the long term.

4. Reputation

It’s human nature to listen and give opinions, though this factor can be ignored most of the time, how many of us are actually willing to take a chance when it comes to diagnosing and treatment?

Maybe in some cases, opinions do matter.

Hence, a healthcare organization makes sure patients review doctors, which will help the person searching to get a fair idea of what your organization provides and the type of services they need from your organization.

Please do not give out fake reviews, they cause more harm than good. Let’s not make healthcare a sheer business practice.

5. Develop an Inbound marketing strategy:

This is the part we love! And you should too because without a proper Inbound marketing strategy it will be very hard for you to be seen or heard, and that is not what a healthcare organization would want for sure.

Inbound marketing is on the go now and is adopted by almost every organization that shows up on google search.

Churn out proper content, take care of your search engine optimization, have a good social media presence, and always be easily approachable.

Several healthcare organizations are integrating inbound marketing into their marketing strategy and are deriving exciting results.

If you want to know more about how inbound marketing fits into the healthcare industry puzzle, we are happy to speak to you.

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