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How to create and maintain an engaging LinkedIn page

creating linkedin page

Getting more reach through your LinkedIn page is highly beneficial. Improved organic reach allows for potent audience insights. It is pivotal in building a community on LinkedIn. 

Before diving into maintaining an engaging LinkedIn presence, it is essential to make sure your company’s LinkedIn Page is complete and appealing to the target demographic you have in mind. A complete LinkedIn page is likely to get more views. Additionally, if the content appeals and is useful to those visiting, they are highly likely to choose to “Follow.” 

Optimizing SEO

Google processes an estimated 3.5 billion searches each day. Enhancing the SEO impact of your LinkedIn Page is critical in expanding your brand’s search footprint. It increases the chances of being discovered not just by the LinkedIn community but also by relevant web searchers you might have missed otherwise.

Optimization is done by identifying and using pertinent keywords. Figuring out which keywords need to be featured requires thinking about your company’s primary offerings. Mentioning your industry, location, and specialties throughout your LinkedIn Page makes it simpler for your page to be easily discoverable.

Tools like Google Search Console/Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, and SEMRush help with keyword research.

Engage your employees

Your team at work is going to be the base for building a stable community. Employees spreading the word among their friends and colleagues helps in getting the page off the ground. Tagging the page in their updates, and sharing it with their network provides a huge boost.

It is essential employees have cited the company accurately in their work experience as their new connections will be prompted to follow your page. Creating a formal structure around the company’s employee engagement engine using tools like LinkedIn Elevate helps your team share content and promote your page authentically.

Groups on Linkedin allow for engaging conversations on niche topics. When your company’s subject matter experts participate in these discussions, it can serve as an opportunity to create awareness for your brand while showcasing its expertise.

When people engage with your content, it provides a broader reach, often outside of your immediate following. Keep in mind what can be done to encourage engagement with the community you are building. 

Adding the appropriate links 

A “set it and forget it” tip that can pay significant dividends is editing your work email signature to include a link directing recipients toward your organization’s LinkedIn Page. 

Personal LinkedIn profiles help to identify relevant members and direct them toward your company’s page. Adding the appropriate URL in your bio and inviting colleagues to do the same will improve reach.

Adding a follow button on your official website will help turn your website visitors, into LinkedIn Page followers. Here’s a brief outline of adding a follow button to your company’s website.

Regularly scheduled posting

Maintaining a steady flow of fresh content on your page will garner more visibility, leading to increased engagement, leading to greater organic reach. It is important the content is engaging and not recycled to appeal to potential followers.

Hashtags and Conversation

Come up with three to five relevant hashtags for your company and use them in your posts to reach new, relevant communities. Associating your LinkedIn Page with relevant hashtags in the relevant Communities Hashtags panel will allow you to enter a feed and engage on behalf of your organization. It exposes your brand to new, relevant audiences. 

Build an online presence

Letting customers and associates know that you are focussing on increasing your LinkedIn following will often pan out to them willing to help out by posting about your organization to their networks.

Mentioning/engaging with influential people in your domain and non-competing companies you wish to be associated with offers a great chance to network and improve your reach. 

Leverage page analytics

The people handling the page will access comprehensive analytics that offers demographic information about your followers and visitors and engagement data for your updates. These insights can be understood and leveraged to figure out what works against what is not and make sure future content aligns with what visitors expect.

Multimedia content

Having only written text tends to get somewhat repetitive after a point. Including images, infographics, and videos helps stand out more on feeds, driving your brand’s engagement. 

Follower Ad campaign

LinkedIn Page growth can be achieved by running a Dynamic Ad campaign using the Follower Ad format. Leveraging LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities, relevant followers can be reached.

Competitor Page Analysis

  1. Competitor analysis helps review what others are doing on LinkedIn. It helps identify the white space around what your competitors aren’t providing and provides something the community won’t find elsewhere.

Create and maintain showcase pages

Showcase Pages are an affiliated extension of your company’s LinkedIn Page. They are designed to put the spotlight on a specific sub-brand, business unit, or initiative. Creating them, when necessary, develops multiple points of discovery and entry for your page. 

It is also essential to understand that creating showcase pages for every product will dilute their importance. This feature is better utilized for broader verticals or business lines.

Linkedin page engagement allows your brand to grow organically while promoting the brand and its competency. These tips will help you grow and engage with your target demographic. 

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