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1. LinkedIn introduces new tool to track website visitors

Linkedin is going to roll out a new tool – Website Demographics which provides insights regarding the professional traits of the website visitors. Learn more about this tool with this video

2. iOS users can now share multiple images for Linkedin posts

In an attempt to enhance the visual appeal of posts, Linkedin now lets users to add more than one image per post. However this feature is yet to be rolled out for desktop and Android users.

3. Facebook announces new features for Live 360 Videos

In order to push users towards using more Live 360 videos, Facebook is introducing new improvements and features to the Live 360 Videos option. The noteworthy ones include stabilizing the video whenever the user hands shake, scheduling alerts to followers for an upcoming 360 video stream etc. Also, users can now stream live in 4K resolution!

Google Adwords

4. Google Adwords is rolling out new call bid adjustments

With call bid adjustment you can increase your bids for phone call to get higher call conversions. Read more here

Google Search Engine

5. Google removes Instant Search

In an attempt to align desktop searches more with mobile, Google drops instant search. In simpler words, you can no longer see search results as you type in Google!

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