5 Ways Marketing Can Become A B2B Sales Accelerator

Sales Accelerator

We’re currently witnessing a significant shift in how businesses view sales and marketing. The notion that marketing is solely responsible for branding and creative activities, while sales are responsible for closing business, is obsolete. Everything you do, including your brand efforts, should be focused on increasing sales and improving financial results. Marketing as a function has become part of the B2B sales accelerator stream across businesses today. 

Marketing as a revenue function & B2B sales accelerator

The primary goal of marketing is to create a buzz and allow the public to learn more about how the business can alter their lives. The bottom line, without marketing, there is no way to drive demand for your product or service!

Furthermore, marketing plays a critical function in educating the market. This is especially prevalent in the startup sector, and it is critical to the development of new businesses.

When a company refines its b2b sales processes and tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its sales strategy, they deploy a b2b sales accelerator. Finally, this ensures that prospects flow smoothly through the sales funnel, guaranteeing that the revenue goals are met consistently.

Emerging markets have empowered customers to make demands from businesses. And this is when most organizations struggle with creating solutions that accomplish the objectives and offer enhanced customer experience. In today’s pandemic-driven world, there are two main ways of achieving increased sales & revenue:

  1. Offer personalized solutions and services, which also involve redefining the business model and strategies to become more customer-centric than the traditional product-centric ones.
  2. The second one is to streamline and improve how your marketing, sales, and customer service teams interact with consumers and guide them through purchasing. Instead of multiple go-to-market teams working toward three separate goals, revenue acceleration brings them around a common aim.

Creating engaging campaigns that boost conversations is the first step toward shifting from traditional offline marketing to digital. Building customer engagement is how you ensure customer retention and business growth. When you look at marketing as a revenue acceleration platform, you will understand how it combines conversational marketing and sales strategies into go-to-market teams. 

5 Ways Marketing Can Become a B2B Sales Accelerator

Sales acceleration requires the use of b2b technology. By equipping your go-to-market teams with the necessary tools, you can implement your sales acceleration strategy quickly and effectively, as well as track your progress toward your objectives. Here we list down five ways marketing can become a sales accelerator:

Transform Customer Engagement

Customer involvement can be transformed into an experience that delights customers, increases revenue retention, and builds devoted customer advocates. To provide the greatest possible experience for your customers, you use customer analytics and AI. You keep track of client behavior and spot problems before they become major concerns. And your involvement isn’t restricted to issues. Instead, you leverage the data that AI discovers to improve your client experience proactively. By redesigning your engagement approach, you can improve the customer experience, strengthen customer connections, and raise client lifetime value.

Define Target Audience

When you are building your website and marketing campaigns around it, it is crucial to have your target audience clearly defined. Gathering data and drawing insights will be pointless if you do not know your audience and send out specific messages. By gathering relevant information from the visitors, you build your lead generation pipeline, which will help you convert them to customers. Move from one size fits all format to a more focused funnel. Customize the experience for each visitor /category; that will be where your conversion begins.

Opt for personalization

You want visitors who are ready to buy when they visit your website. You’re assisting them in fast obtaining answers, support, and products. And you’re using artificial intelligence to achieve it. By incorporating advanced AI into your sales and marketing teams, you can take Conversational Marketing and sales to a whole new level. Rather than presenting a succession of discrete options and shepherding customers from one branch to the next, your tech listens to what they’re saying and responds appropriately. It is vital to leverage automation and analytics to understand the customer better, gain insights and offer personalized products and solutions. 

It is all about the customer 

By inducting conversational marketing strategies into your process, you ensure the customer is engaged, and that there is a relationship built between you and the customer. Going one step further, it would make sense to have chatbots and other personal assistant tools to respond to any queries posted by customers. These days, customers expect instant responses and clarifications, and with these systems in place, you are assured of earning their trust. 

Foundation begins at the website

Gone are the days when most businesses relied on face-to-face meetings and experiences. Today, everything has moved to the digital world, and therefore the expectations are completely different. To become a B2B sales accelerator, companies need to understand how the digital world works and offer specific information on the website. This also includes an omnichannel approach across digital platforms to achieve high levels of revenue function. Start at the foundation, revisit your website, use Ai to initiate conversations, and keep it going round the clock. 

Marketing’s position is more important than ever before, and it’s time for marketing to prove its worth. Collaboration becomes the norm by remaining non-siloed and focused on a single purpose. And when your staff works together to take on new responsibilities, everyone benefits.

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