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healthtech marketing channels

The global virtual healthcare market revenue is predicted to reach $285.7 billion by 2027, underlining the massive growth in telehealth and telemedicine. Addressing key challenges like affordability and lack of awareness, expanding new and tech-backed healthcare services promotes improved patient care, remote monitoring, data security, and overall quality of life. Digital marketing channels for healthcare are vital in informing the public about healthcare services and making healthcare accessible to even the most underserved populations.

Let’s explore some ways to leverage the best healthcare tech marketing strategies and how it’s imperative for future success.

What are health tech marketing strategies?

Healthtech marketing uses digital channels for healthcare software products and services to reach out to current and potential customers. It includes various strategies, such as social media campaigns, online reputation management, content curation and search engine optimization (SEO), tailored messaging, sponsored ads, surveys, etc. 

Approximately 53% of customers are likely to move from their current healthcare provider to one that offers a better digital experience. Developing a health tech marketing plan involves setting goals, conducting assessments, and creating messaging plans grounded in the company’s mission. 

Robust healthcare marketing channels aim to educate consumers about available healthcare services in their area. This, in turn, encourages them to make lifestyle changes and raise awareness of healthcare-related topics.

Why are healthtech marketing channels crucial for companies in the healthcare industry?

What do you believe someone does first in today’s digital age when they have health and wellness-related questions? 

They look for answers online. 

That is why digital marketing channels for healthcare are so effective. 

Digital healthcare channels are revolutionizing how healthcare providers market their services. According to Google, 7% of all daily searches are for health-related topics, and the company receives 70,000 health-related queries each minute, or 1 billion daily. When seeking specialists and providers in the healthcare industry, almost 90% of patients consult internet reviews. It improves the ability of health tech companies to create an online presence and engage clients through health tech marketing techniques.

With the right marketing techniques, health tech companies can strengthen relationships with current customers and increase brand awareness among prospects. Digital channels are more cost-efficient than traditional advertising. They allow for targeted individualized messaging, which increases the likelihood of conversions. 

Additionally, digital channels offer tracking capabilities to measure and refine results, enabling marketers to adjust their strategy as needed. 

Best health tech marketing strategies to look out for

Global healthcare marketing and communications are expected to reach $18,522.04 million by 2030 at an annual growth rate of 20.68%. Taking advantage of digital marketing channels and healthcare SaaS products is essential for health tech companies to compete in today’s market. 

Let us look at some effective digital marketing channels for healthcare: 

Social media

As of January 2022, the global average social network penetration rate is 58.4%. In other words, social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a source of potential clients. Digital marketing and social media channels can effectively promote relevant health services, products, and general information to the target audience. 

Recommended practices include aligning messaging and visuals with an organization’s voice and brand, staying updated on relevant topics, researching industry trends, personalizing content for the target audiences, etc.

Digital marketing effectively creates awareness about health tech campaigns and initiatives, increasing followership and driving higher engagement levels.

Paid advertisements

Digital advertising is a stellar digital marketing channel for healthcare. Namely, it can reach target audiences efficiently and cost-effectively, drive website traffic and increase brand awareness. In addition, health tech initiatives such as a mobile app or chatbot integration can provide higher user engagement with a tailored approach. 

Digital ads have a greater scope than traditional campaigns due to their ability to track customer response and refine the targeting over time. They assist healthcare organizations in understanding their audience better and provide more targeted solutions aligned with user needs.

Video marketing

Video testimonials and video content have the potential to significantly increase patient engagement, provide educational content, and promote brand recognition. They can effectively reach larger target audience segments. Companies can use this marketing tool to select individuals through a personalized career development journey and launch health awareness campaigns for the global audience.

According to one survey, 71% of patients search for a healthcare provider by reading internet reviews. Since it enables prospective patients to witness that actual individuals have received outstanding care from a particular doctor, hospital, or clinic, a video testimonial can target the right audience, creating meaningful engagement. 

Email marketing 

An effective email marketing plan can be of tremendous value when promoting healthcare SaaS products and digital health technology services. Email campaigns provide an efficient way to maintain constant communication with potential patients, informing them and empowering them to make more educated decisions about their health. 

Additionally, this direct communication allows for more personalization, ensuring the recipient feels valued. Healthcare organizations that develop creative, concise email campaigns can drive more SQLs and MQLs through the sales pipeline.

Healthcare content marketing

Healthcare content marketing is a great way to engage potential customers and build relationships while delivering information about products or services in an educational and engaging format. Content can be developed across multiple channels – blogs to podcasts, videos to infographics – which creatively present health tech marketing messages to establish consumer trust and loyalty. 

You must tailor the content to your business objectives and deliverables, whether you want to increase visibility or establish thought leadership. Digital content marketing also allows healthcare organizations to accurately pinpoint their target demographics while driving awareness of service offerings en masse. Digital marketing offers an agile solution in healthcare communication today and into the future, helping brands keep up with the dynamic market needs.

Summing up

It can be challenging to locate all customer profiles on a unified platform. While some enjoy web browsing, another section of the target audience might choose social media for product-related information. Each organization will discover its own “mojo,” or a unique combination of marketing strategies, to advance its operations. Digital marketing channels for healthcare, though, will keep your company moving in the right direction, regardless of the blend you develop, and increase the success curve.

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